Feb 2020


17/02- The ANR ISO2MET becomes officially associated to CULTURE OCEAN, through its project with a Biology teacher in a local Lycee. More soon !



Dec. 2019


3/12 - The ISO2MET website is online !


4/12 - Our collaborative work on the News of the CNRS-INSU web site


5/12 - Interview at the BBC Radio World Service about anthropogenic lithium in waters : "Science in Action", 27'32''


5/12 - Highlight in Nature Asia


16/12 - News in IMEV website of the Villefranche Sea Institute



Oct. 2019


5-6/10 - An ISO2MET booth at the « Fête de la Science » at Villefranche-sur-Mer: explaining through interactive posters the anthropogenic use of lithium, the ecotoxicology of trace metals in marine environment, and the innovating isotope techniques that we develop in the ANR ISO2MET project, Fanny Thibon


9/10 - Participating at the « Women & Science » (#desELLESpourlaSCIENCE) at the CIV Valbonne, organised by the CNRS, and presenting the thematics of the ANR ISO2MET and Oceanography to high school girls



Sept. 2019


16/09 - Visit at the LOV of a deputy representing Alpes-Maritimes region at the French National Assembly - “Monitoring Trace Metals and Lithium in the Environment and ANR project ISO2MET”, Oral communication, Nathalie Vigier



May 2019


The twitter account for the ISO2MET project is online, follow us!



March 2019


The ISO2MET consortium in the News feed of our Research Federation (IMEV, ex OOV)







Choi H., Ryu J-S, Shin W., Vigier N (2019) The impact of anthropogenic inputs on lithium content in river and tap water, Nature Communications 10, 5371, doi:10.1038/s41467-019-13376-y


Feb 2020


10/02 - 1st year ISO2MET meeting at IAEA-EL in Monaco: Results & Perspectives - All participants are present, either in Monaco or through Visio conferences. 9 oral communications



Nov 2019



Mallorie Poët, Yann Bouret, Gisèle Jarretou, Vincent Balter, Nathalie Vigier and Laurent Counillon, Na+/H+ Exchangers perform isotopic fractionation, Modelife Annual Meeting,, Mandelieu, 5- 6 Novembre 2010


Oct 2019



02/10 - Laurent Counillon, The SLC9A-C mammalian Na+/H+ exchanger family: from molecular mechanism to physiology, 7th SIPF-SIF International Workshop on: Structure and Function of Ion Channels and Transporters, Sestri Levante (Genova, Italy), 2019, Plenary lecture


04/10 – Metallo-Mix seminar at CNRS Paris – Stable isotopes of trace metals, Nathalie Vigier, oral communication



Sept 2019

26/09 - Mallorie Poët, Yann Bouret, Gisèle Jarretou, Vincent Balter, Nathalie Vigier and Laurent Counillon, Ionic Transport and isotope fractionation, 20rd Congress of the French Group in bioenergetics, Autrans, 2019. Oral communication.


July 2019

25/07 - Mallorie Poët, Yann Bouret, Gisèle Jarretou, Vincent Balter, Nathalie Vigier and Laurent Counillon, Na+/H+ Exchangers Perform Isotopic Fractionation of Transported Cations, The 17th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology, Kyoto (Japan), 2019


June 2019


05/06 – ANR TONGA kickoff meeting – Lithium isotopes and ISO2MET sampling strategy for planktonic species – Nathalie Vigier


18/06 - LOV annual laboratory seminar – Isotopes of trace metals and marine metabolism – Nathalie Vigier, presentation of first ISO2MET results



May 2019


02/05 - APERO-CHOC meeting – ANR ISO2MET objectives and first results, Nathalie Vigier, Oral communication to the team “Chemistry – Ocean – Climate” of the LOV laboratory



March 2019


15/03 - ECOMERS / LOV thematic day – Non-traditional isotopes and the ANR ISO2MET project, objectives and first results – Nathalie Vigier, oral communication


22/03 - Participation to the “Sustainable Developpement and Research” seminar, Sophia-Antipolis. The ANR ISO2MET project, Nathalie Vigier, oral communication



Feb 2019

06/02- Kickoff meeting in Paris of all ANR projects of CE34 panel (Contaminants, Ecosystems and Health) – oral communication of the ISO2MET objectives and strategy, Nathalie Vigier


28/02- Kickoff meeting of ISO2MET at the LOV in Villefranche. All partners are present – 10 oral communications covering every field of the project: Laurent Counillon, Paco Bustamante, Nathalie Vigier, Steeve Comeau, Thomas Lacoue-Labarthe, Marc Métian, Philippe Télouk, Christophe Migon, Fabien Lombard